At Aaron Foo Consulting,

We strive to bring forth the ancient knowledge of Ancient Vedic Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics knowledge for guidance and advice to aid in all activities within our day to day lives.

Utilizing correctly the Art, we are able to create for you an optimal business environment to solve multiple persistent problems haunting current day business, especially on profiling, on workforce efficiency and on sales performance, and also to maximize the effectiveness and luck of one's business' workspace through usage of said knowledge.

At Aaron Foo Consulting, we keep the classical essence of Chinese metaphysics close to our hearts and aim to deliver this very passion and knowledge, to align your business' strategy and goals, with your wave of fortune by capturing the right timing to act.

Time is of critical scarcity in the current business environment. Imagine maximising effectiveness and competency without changing your workforce or strategy, we set out to assist you with a personalised mapping of your crucial manpower needs.

We chart the course to tap onto your current manpower resources more efficiently, as well as to conduct a channel to achieve successful relationships with your management team and co-workers.

Aaron Foo Consulting is ever ready to deliver tailored solutions to serve your needs.



Personalised 12-Month Report at S$288

Take action now and ensure you are well prepared for 2021, and conquer the challenges ahead.

Ensure 2021 is not a repeat of 2020.

AT ONLY S$288, you can be better equipped and advised on upcoming events to take note of.

You will be advised on the following:

  • 12-month forecast on health, wealth and opportunities

  • A Highlight of your personal characteristic, strengths and weaknesses

  • The Best Industry to work in

  • The Most Favourable Element to you

  • A Report in PDF format will be sent to you so you are able to access it from anywhere.

Fortune Telling Cards


All you ever need for Tarot Reading

  • A great tool to decode the Universe's messages for us.

  • Easy to learn and apply.

  • Teaches vital Spiritual Wisdom through the Tarot to guide us towards a better and more wholesome life.

  • Begin your Spiritual Journey here with us with our Online Course:

  • 1) 10 Hours of Content and over 60 Episodes of relevant knowledge personally crafted by Aaron Foo

  • 2) Specially designed to bring enthusiasts up to professional reading level.

  • 3) Structured learning, with a measured release of modules over 10 weeks.

  • Check out our YouTube videos to find out more on Tarot

  • Reasonably priced at only S$597.

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Baby Presents

A child with good supportive Date and Time opens up a lifetime of good fortune, good wealth with good supportive luck cycles to enhance relationships with parents, pick up learning faster and is able to contribute better to society.

If you are stuck with driving up your Sales Figures, or your sales staff aren't performing up to expectations, look no further.

Choosing the right location for your offices and homes is vital. This is because good Feng Shui is governed by 60% external Landform Feng Shui vs 40% internal Feng Shui. Picking the right location has already won you 60% of the battle.

A home is where we spent most of our Lives in, and it is where all of our Family members reside in. It is therefore vital the Qi Flow and Feng Shui resonates with the home's residents.

The Tarot tackles the Human factor in terms of Mental epitude, Emotional Well-Being and Actions to be taken.

Know in greater details your life purpose and life path, so as to take the way with the least resistance and challenges.

Achieve your goals today by understanding more about yourself, your Luck periods and if you should be going on the offensive or defensive, and the right industry to work in and the supportive people that are coming your way.

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Master Aaron Foo strives to change and impact upon as many lives as he is destined to, through the usage of the Bazi and Feng Shui disciplines. He believes this Ancient Art can be used and applied in practical modern ways to every individual who wishes to unlock their hidden talents, who wishes to understand and capitalise on their own unique strengths, and those who wishes to ignite the hunger to achieve the best results in all that they do in the fastest manner. with the least resistance.

Graduated with an AACSB accredited MBA degree with Distinction, an Honours degree in Banking and Finance, Aaron set himself up for the path of unconventional studies, through the acquisition of classical knowledge in Chinese metaphysics and Western Astrology for the past 5 years.

Aaron decided to leave nothing to chance and begin utilising to the fullest his knowledge acquired from his MBA studies, practical change management working experience and Chinese metaphysics which began in 2018.

Working hand in hand and fusing modern management techniques and unconventional classical studies of the 5,000 year old Chinese metaphysics, Aaron believes this fusion would contribute massively to the consulting and business world. Aaron has constructed ready-made solutions capable of solving the many trying manpower issues - especially to owners of Small and Medium enterprises, where time and resources are scare and headcounts are important.

Aaron strongly believes the strengths in all businesses relies solely on its core - its people, the very resource he sets out to tackle.

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We are providing MetaCure 15 minutes consultation at a very affordable price as we wish to contribute back to the society with our knowledge as much as we can.

We are also giving up our free time for these MetaCure 15 mins consultation.

As such, we sincerely hope for your understanding that our slots are only available on Wednesdays. We will open up more slots if and when bookings pick up.

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