A 15 Mins Session to Discover Your Chart

Backed by extensive 15-year experience in Chinese Metaphysics, we are a team of Metaphysics enthusiasts.

In MetaCure, we wish to bring forth Chinese Metaphysics knowledge to aid as many people as we can at a reasonble cost or exchange of luck.

We create MetaCure to provide this service at an exceptionally reasonable price as we aim to provide basic clarity on one's favourable elements, roles and best industries, innate talents and their current standing.

Please get in touch with us today to book your 15 mins MetaCure Consultation.

Ps. Slots are limited as currently we are only able to spare 1 day every week for consultations.


Through Zoom, you will be discovering the following in this 15 Mins.

  • Daymaster

  • Annual Luck & Zodiac

  • Personality & Innate Talent

  • Most Favourable Element

  • Most Unfavourable Element

  • Chart Strength

  • Best Colours

  • Best Role and Industries

  • Current 10 Year Luck Pillar

For a fair exchange of luck, each MetaCure session is reasonably priced at S$15 per pax.

In a 30 mins session for 2 persons, MetaCure session is priced at S$26.

In a group session (maximum 3 pax) of 40 mins, MetaCure session is priced at S$36.

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