2020 is tough, stay aware and stay ahead with Bazi

Dear friends,

We all know how hard it is for most people during the past 8 months. However, as you can see, there are both sides of the coin here - there are stories of people making money, getting out of legal issues, having a time of their lives. But we rarely hear these stories; good things usually don't get shared fast.

It has been a tougher year for folks of Wood daymasters and unfortunately it hasn't ended. I have known Wood folks who have been terminated unfairly from their jobs, some have been hospitalised and diagnosed with cancer, some have faced loss of income up to six digits. These are normal folks like you and I! BUT like the Chinese saying goes, if you don't rid the old, you can't embrace the new. So keep the positivity to embrace changes and toughen up, these likely will turn out to be great changes!

When 庚 metal hits, it chops the Wood elements of 甲 and 乙 mercilessly. However, I assure you this period is not permanent.

August and September are Wood months. These 2 months Wood elements daymasters are exposed. I'd wish everyone's chart has Resource to protect oneself. But that's not the case.

To the Wood people out there, these 2 months are crucial; please steer clear of major legal or contractual decisions, do please lookout 2x or 3x when crossing the roads and please do stay positive and keep the positive vibe and energy growing. IT WILL PASS SOON. We all will survive this period. Look out for your aged parents and loved ones who are of Wood daymasters. Take comfort that you're not alone facing this tough tough year.

Take care and 加油 everyone!

With love,

Master Aaron

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