Aaron Foo Consulting is on a roll!

Ever since the mid of September, AFCG is rolling out a great deal of promotional events. It has since introduced AF Academy, with its rollout of AF Academy YouTube channel and the creation of aaronfoocg Instagram profile.

This is primarily to have greater reach to the targeted market. On its FB Page, Aaron Foo Consulting, Aaron has been aggressively pushing for wider audience by putting up a series of FB Live sessions and engagement, in various different fields within the metaphysics scene.

There is a line up of MAM (Major Arcana with Movies) series every Saturday at 8pm on FB Page. And there is a session dedicated to friends, professionals, and practitioners of the metaphysics sector.

There is also a new Logo published. Many banners are being set up for the future launches of events as well.

It is huge huge times for AFCG, exciting times indeed, and the work has only just begun. Hope everyone benefits from the sharing session.

You can reach out to him and be connected to Aaron's content in the links below!




Check out AFCG's new logo. Awesome right

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