Another Eclipse to take note

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

On the 21st of June, another Annular eclipse will be descending. In Singapore, the time it will begin is at 11:45:58. Cap out at 14:40:04. It will end at around 17:34:01. The previous one to occur in the recent past was in December 2019. Ever since, it is indubitable everyone's lives changed -

During this period, it is strongly advisable to stay indoors, avoid viewing outdoor or watching the eclipse as it happens. Stay in your home or in the building and avoid the light.

The reason is simple.

Remember the last eclipse to happen on December 27th? Singaporeans rushing out to see it. Noticed what changes to their life this Covid-19 has brought about ever since?

When an eclipse appears, it signifies a series of great changes happening in the near future. These changes are unexpected and huge. It may include changes to your career, your working environment, the relationships with spouses or family, or to your businesses.

Do note the changes may not necessary be bad. It is simply believed that people do not receive huge changes to their life positively most of the time.

If your birthday happens to be within 6 days before and after 21 June, do expect the eclipse effects to hit you more than the rest. Please do take care and embrace the changes.

Take care and ill share more knowledge in the near future!

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