Christian Eriksen: Wife's Affair

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

So recently another juicy news appeared on my news feed. One of the most talented football player of Tottenham Hotspurs made headlines for a kind of news that no one wants.

Went to do a bit of analysis on their charts, and I did see there is a high potential of the news being true.

This would explain the poor dressing room atmosphere, imagine playing in a team sport with someone who betrayed you? Of course this poor atmosphere translated to poor team performance from Tottenham Hotspurs. Last season's second runner-up is currently 6th in the table with 10 points behind the leaders.

So to ask yourself this question, as a team manager, in a crucial, lucrative and merciless football league like EPL, where a streak of 5 bad games would cause your dismissal, wouldn't it be vital to know the potential of such issues occurring before it did?

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