Comfort should be a foreign word to us common folks too

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Living in a society where the rich gets richer, and where the rest of us remains in the rat race in the fight for financial freedom, of getting nearer to the top, we have to acknowledge that as compared to previous generations, chances available now are a far cry.

Yes, opportunities are still aplenty, however, these opportunities often are available to the people with the right connections and strong backing.

Whilst the rest stood by within their comfort zone, watching from a distant with their gleaming eyes, ready to pounce on those who dare venture with a barrage of "I told you so", I still believe those who dare step out, have the right survival mindset to withstand the changing world.

Comfort is always a foreign thing to the brave and successful, and it should be the same for all of us. None of us should ever feel too comfortable. There is no safe haven in the tumultuous world now. No one is spared. Staying put should only serve as a temporary break to access the available options for the future.

At the end of the day, none of us gets out alive. But, we can live while our clock's still ticking. So, do the uneasy today, do the unexpected now.

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