Jia Yueting: From 'China's Steve Jobs' to Bankruptcy

Let's take a look today at Jia Yueting aka. YT, Co-Founder of Faraday Future, as he stormed the US few years back right into the heart of California to offer a direct challenge to Tesla and its business.

He was wildly successful with big names like LeTV, Leshi, LeEco and Lucid Motors under his belt.

In Bazi, he is known as having a chart with Yi Wood as daymaster. Looking at his luck pillar and life history, and the checks for Strength of chart, his chart is a Strong chart. He has Jia Wood in his Month Stem, Gui Water in his Year Stem. With You, Zi and Chou in his Day, Month and Year Branch respectively.

The financial issues began in 2017 where a court in Shanghai freezed his assets in China. He faced numerous issues with the authorities in China when refusing to pay up to its investors. In late 2018, courts and British Virgin Islands and California freezed his assets. He was unable to sell off in 2019 a shopping complex he owned in Beijing. In Oct 2019, he filed for bankruptcy in US. He faced the same legal battle with the Dep of Justice in Dec 2019. And in 21 May 2020, the US Bankruptcy Court for Central District of California entered an order for the reorganisation plan for Faraday Future.

Just further analysing his chart, he is in a luck pillar of Ji Stem and Wei Branch. Ji and Jia is combined to form Earth. Being Wood daymaster, what the Earth means to him is incredible wealth, which we have seen him shot up to a networth of $7b at a point in time. Wei and Chou clashes in Year pillar, signifying issues brought about by external influences that is out of his control.

Let's take a look at the period in 2017. In Bazi terms, 2017 carries Ding Fire energy in the Heavenly Stems and Metal Rooster You carrying Xin Metal energy in the Earthly Branch. Ding coming in would indicate his loss of influence in general, but it was not so bad as his luck pillar carries Earth to cushion the impact. The You of 2017 and Zi of his Month Branch forms a destruction, signifying he was expected to be forced to do things against his will. This was the period his assets were freezed.

2018 carries Wu Earth and Xu Earth. Wu Earth combines with Gui Water to produce Fire. The resultant Fire placed more weight on his brushes with the law and authorities as Fire counters Metal (his Officers). His influence dwindled further as a result. Late 2018 likely began in Oct as Dog month in Dog year impacts the chart the greatest. Xu Chou and Wei indicated he's being pushed around further and perhaps feeling sense of loss. This impact indicated another freezing of his assets, this time in the US.

In 2019, the Ji Earth energy entered the fray and took away the help and support around him. Oct 2019 was remembered a very stressful month as You took effect - in an environment when he needed all the connections he could get, instead he faced a bunch of supporters who used to support him dissipating one by one. 2020 is a year of him facing a sea of legal battles from April 2020 onward, occupying all his time and effort, and restricting him from doing what is required him to get out of this quicksand. This is recently justified by the Chapter 11 reorganisation plan for Faraday Future.

Now, the important part is 2021. This is the year where his Wei of his luck pillar kicks in. 2021 is Chou Ox year. His Ox is activated in the chart, in the Year Branch. This Ox would clash the Wei of his Luck Pillar to signify a possible relocation, coupled with Xin Metal on 2021 Stem presenting 7 Killing. It could signify an extradition, perhaps, on the horizon, or even be tossed around as a political pawn in the current US and China souring relations. Plenty of obstacles and hindrances is caused by the Water which is the resultant from this clash of Ox and Wei. Having a strong chart and the chart being strengthened even more is going to signify tougher times ahead. Moreover, Xin Metal on the Heavenly Stem of 2021 is going to terrifically impact him, as the Luck Pillar Ji already dissolved the help away - all those assistance he has always gotten prior to age 43. Furthermore, the Ji Earth energy in Chou Ox clashes away the Gui Water energy in Zi Rat.

Luck Pillar of 43 depicts a tough 10 years for him ahead, since 2016. Have you noticed luck changes in your own life every 10 years? Have you noticed people character, spouses, relationships changed over time? You could have entered a hugely positive luck cycle and soar and never looked back. This is the importance of Luck Pillars.

Additional Information: Video by Business Insider on his recent ups and downs.

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