Make it Right, Right from the Beginning

Compatibility is often left to chance, to gut feeling. Not perfect but that makes us human, don't you think? But, what if there is a way to add another layer of comfort?

If it isn't for the weight of the decision or the moment, we can keep to the "Practice makes perfect" connotation. But what if you were on a weak luck streak, if everyone seems unable to understand you or share a common goal with you, be it in pursuit of companionship, in working partnership, in love or creating a new team?

A recent article surfaced and depicts the further crumbling of the relationship between King of Malaysia and his ex-wife. It looked great a year ago. A year of marriage later, the ex Russian beauty pageant is now legally pursuing 26,000 pounds per month and a London mansion from the Sultan. Let's use this case as an example for analysis, not to state the obvious in the loss of time, effort and other collateral damage, but to show how this issue can so easily be prevented, if you knew this could happen?

A countering in DM element shows the first red flag in a first of a few simple checks. Two person need to be able to share common goals and work hard towards them for a sustainable marriage. Unfortunately, both charts are missing this as well.

The Art presents one with a deeper layer of analysis. We question further on why it happened in 2019? In 2019, which is represent by Ji Hai year, its is clearly she is undergoing a lot of mental stress, with a set of Harms occurring in Spouse palace of her natal chart. This is likely to be caused by the inability to cope with the demands of first being a Queen, and second being a Queen of an Islamic country. It presents a huge potential of culture shock. This harm came into effect in 2019 specifically for her. In her mind, in particularly, her perception of the Sultan, is not favourable, and this year that mental stress stems from the Sultan's presence. This stress, however, comes from her inner self, and may or may not be caused by the Sultan. In upcoming November this year, she would likely be faced with the a greater impact of what she had faced earlier in the year. The legal proceedings could happen in the month and would go on for another 7 months.

So, let's shift the focus to the Sultan now. In Hai year of 2019, Hai presents a Destruction with Yin, which happens to be in the Spouse palace of his chart. In particularly, Hai Yin Destruction would allow one to witness a higher chance of the departure of a loved one. And in this case, we see it happening to his wife.

What if they know these beforehand? Love is a strong emotion and it could definitely cloud one's judgement. My take on this? The marriage would still go ahead, you know, both seem to seek what the other party had at the point in time and kind of hit it out well, at first :)

Let's move back to reality. Say if you're a struggling SME business owner, would you have luxury of time and resources to train up someone in one of the key positions of your company, only to realise a year later this couldn't work out? No matter how much experience one may seem to have, does the new hire has what it takes to succeed in the role?

To conclude, especially in businesses, reality would not be so kind for to "practice makes perfect".

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