Medical Updates - Year of the Pig and Rat: Flu, Heart, Stroke

With the main phase entering the fray from November 2019 onwards, it is pertinent folks keep a close eye on their health in particularly, but not limited to, communicable diseases, blood, stroke and heart attacks. The impact from the Water years with Pig and Rat on health are in its prime, with it expected to last till June 2021. Do not overwork yourself or overload your body with unnecessary stress. Take extra care in the following potential areas: Bladder, kidneys, heart and eyes.

With that, wish you and your family a great festive period ahead!

Take a look at these recent news:

229 ill onboard cruise ship

Model-actor collapsed with heart attack

P.S. Of course, upon analyzing Mr Gao's Bazi chart, he was also entering a dangerous year and month where he was very exposed to attacks.

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