Solar Eclipse's Impact is no joke

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Eclipses usually bring with it a big change of event. A huge series of unexpected changes is up coming in the year ahead. Change also suggest the end of something, and the beginning of new event.

If the eclipse today happen 6 days before and after your birth day, you would want to pay more attention to your health this year, and also be prepared to foresee big changes in your life. It could be a change of job, renewal of friendships or exiting relationship. Do not make big decision during the eclipse period, such as signing contract, opening ceremony or getting into partnership.

Solar eclipse is more powerful than Lunar eclipse as lunar affect us emotionally instead. Exposing yourself to the eclipse for 1 minute can bring about 1 year of changes (some people define changes as bad luck). Solar eclipse bring about changes fast to some people. Unfortunately, some people even want to bring their special lens and record this event. Ancient sages have spoke about the side effects of eclipses for thousands of years.

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