The Allure of Tarot

Many spiritual practices out there can be incorporated into your daily life - activities like reading, meditating or using tools like crystals. Tarot is one of these practices. Tarot is basically using cards as a guide in your daily decision making. It is one of the tools we can use to tap into our spiritual connection, our intuition and subconscious mind. We can also use it to communicate with the spiritual realm.

However, do you know that Tarot can be added to your Beauty routine?

Tarot cards are represented with symbols and are connected with astrology. These symbols do provide an idea how your image to the world would be, how to look and feel your best. Taking Queen of Wands as an example - it signifies that your dress sense for the day should align with radiating confidence and thoroughly expressing yourself. Bold colours should be worn on the day, this card also gives you the green light to try our a new hairdo!

Certain cards are also associated with issues pertaining to well-being and health and it is advisable to seek professional help for such diagnostics.

The thing about Tarot is that the question one should ask need not be what is going to happen but instead a question on what actions should one take to improve a situation. There are many instances I have helped folks with deciding name for a business, appropriate industry to excel in and what mindset to prepare for the obstacles ahead based on Tarot reading.

Tarot is beautiful and elegant, and hidden within it are many life lessons to be taught and learnt.

Photo: Tarot of the Elves - Queen of Wands. A beautiful deck I own with an underlying story of Elves guiding us with its spiritual lessons.

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