Today's 2 min read: Zlatan Ibrahimovich at its prime 3rd Luck Pillar

Dear all, just gonna kick off the blog in an informal way and start the first post here. So recently ESPN posted an image of Zlatan, noting his increased goal rate since he turned 30. While many footballers would be planning retirement since 30, with most eventually retiring at 35, Zlatan Ibrahimovich is going stronger than ever at 37!

So with my newfound knowledge and deep curiosity, I went to look up his Bazi chart. So I do not have his time (of course), but looking at his luck pillars he does seem like a weak chart. 29, coincidentally, was the switch taking place into his 3rd luck pillar!

He's a Jia Wood DM, on the exterior, he does a lot, he's hardworking, has a very disciplined persona. It's innate ability to be so disciplined in keeping his body in tip top condition, therefore he is still able to perform at 37! And he has a huge network of people knowing him, doesn't matter if its fans or anti-Zlatan but he's in a sea of fame!

So back to Luck Pillar, he is in Jia Wu LP. He is still in a smooth luck pillar, his Self is strengthened, but he is indubitably working VERY hard for it. The public won't see it. His hard work is hidden. Wu carries his output star. He has been and is still going through the busy phase. This Wu probably carries away the self-doubt he always had in himself since young, thus he is able to express his talent. And that explains his pride, though the pride borders on arrogance.

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